Insurance Services

Assistance with any claims and to assist to ensure that you have the correct cover in place for anticipated risks.  Our function here is not to replace your Broker, but to assist your company to ensure that you are adequately covered considering the specific risks that you may face and that is crucial to continue your business.

Bruce has practiced as a qualified Loss Adjuster in the Insurance Industry for more than 25 years:
See for his experience and the Company Profile and would be of vital assistance to your company for any claim or insurance related matter.

We can assist with the following insurance related aspects of your business:
Ensuring that your business is adequately insured for all anticipated risks that will adversely impact the future existance of the business
Ensuring compliance with all endorsements and warranties contained in the policy schedule
Eliminating duplicate cover under different sections of the MultiMark III Policy wording - saving you unnecessary expense
Tagging and recording assets to ensure proof of ownership when claiming
Ensuring that the sum insureds are adequate so that Average is not applied
Ensuring that vehicles' sum insured are lowered annually in accordance with the market / retail value and that all security requirements are met
Freesure short term insurance
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