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Why do you need pure water?

Water is so basic that it is often taken for granted!  Pure water is not a just a basic need, but also a necessity.  Our bodies need pure water to function and pure water heals.  The less contaminants or impurities in the water you consume, the better the water can function to transport vitamins and minerals that your body needs and to remove impurities.  Your cells grab the vitamins and minerals that you get from eating nutritious food (meat, vegetables and fresh fruit) and disposes of unwanted matter.  You can supplement with organic minerals, however you do not get your required minerals from water.  In fact water contains inorganic minerals that your body can not assimilate and this is passed through your kidneys and builds up.  Only vegetables, fruits and plants can use inorganic minerals in water that they convert through photosynthesis into organic minerals we can use. 

So what is the answer?

In short, purify the water at the source where you need it for drinking, cooking and normal consumption.  The most effective way to get pure water (H20) is to use a filtration system called Reverse Osmosis (RO).  Water is filtered through sediment filters of 0.1 microns to remove most impurities and through activated carbon to remove chlorine and is then pushed through a permeable membrane of 0,0001 microns that only water can pass through and is stored in a 12 L tank and kept under pressure to ensure that it is not contaminated by bacteria.  Bacteria do not form under pressure and where water is oxygen rich.  Once the water is required it passes through a post filter to ensure it is pure and healthy as nature intended!  Nothing is added and all impurities, bacteria, chlorine, other chemicals, contaminants and germs are removed giving you complete peace of mind.  Why burden your kidneys when you can use our affordable and replicable filter system?  Let our external kidney machine do the dirty job: our filters are replaceable - your kidneys are not!

But is water not pure as nature intended it to be?

No, this is not the case.  In the beginning normal condensation was the natural process of purifying water.  But we contaminate our drinking water by air pollution, direct pollution and we also use the same water that is purified on large scale, as water is a scarce commodity.  To kill bacteria and germs chlorine is added in addition to other chemicals and flocculants.  This water is then stored in large water towers and transported to various users via a network of underground pipes.  The pipes corrode and build up limestone and all of these impurities are added to the water.  The chlorine in the water makes healthy fat sticky and this clogs your arteries that are measured as the cholesterol level in your blood and other impurities nest in your weakest joints causing gout and arthritis.

What is Bio Ceramic?

Water Wise is the only authorized suppliers of the genuine Bio Ceramic 6-stage reverse osmosis water purification system in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.  All other systems claiming to be Bio Ceramic that are not Water Wise systems are fake - unscrupulous suppliers are painting their white systems green and selling them as Bio Ceramic Systems!  We are further the only company to give you our 90-day Money Back Guarantee if a diagnosed illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout arthritis, cholesterol, spastic colon not dramatically improve during this 90-day period - we give you your money back on return of the system.  In short we know that increased oxygen to the bloodstream heals the human body - the Bio Ceramic adds nothing to the water, but makes water (H2O and nothing else) more susceptible of carrying oxygen to the bloodstream by charging the water with far infrared rays without coming into direct contact with the water.

Click on our Optimum Bio logo below to find out more on Bio Ceramic and the benefits of our unique Bio Ceramic System:

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Products & pricing:

Our Bio Ceramic system is our "Roles Royce" model with the 90-day money back guarantee, that should any diagnosed illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, spastic colon, cholesterol, gout, arthritis, sinus, asthma or other illness (that your body can heal with increased oxygen and pure water) not dramatically improve.  We put our money where our mouth is!   

We also sell this system very competitively at about R2 000 less than other normal systems.  Do not get fooled by imitations or other systems that are painted green - if it does not have our "Optimum Bio" logo and money back guarantee it is not a Bio Ceramic system and does not contain Bio Ceramic filters and housings. And yes, our system also has the double "O" Rings our competitors use as a distinguishing factor to warrant their high prices. For some humour on "Do not get Fooled" see this You Tube video.  Please note our new system is now silver grey to match most modern kitchen appliances, however the green system is still available for a limited period.

We believe in "Go Big or Go Home" - we bring in container loads of 2 000 units at a time instead of 200 via air freight, so our landing costs are lower.  In addition our Bio Ceramic system is the only system with the added health benefit, money back health guarantee and 5-year guarantee on the system!  Where the water pressure is above 6 BAR a regulator will be required at an additional cost of R190,00 - this will be tested by our installer.
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Impurities in kidneys the average human being consume in their lifetime - "The Choice is Clear" by Dr Allen E. Banik.
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Pure Water


Your water pressure must be between 2,5 and 6 BAR for reverse osmosis systems to function.  Usually municipal pressure is more than adequate and this system is only required where water pressure is below 2,5 BAR for example where water tanks are used. 
Water Wise Bio Ceramic 5 Stage R/O Filter System
Grey Bio Ceramic RO system with booster pump
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