1)   Multi-functional cooker: boils, roast, bake, grill, BBQ, broils without water, fries without
      oil, steams, defrosts  and disinfects
2)   Cooks easily: easy to operate - just set timer and temperature.  Easy to Clean.
3)   Cooks evenly: hot moving air circulates around the food,so food cooks evenly.
4)   Cooks Healthily: no soot, non-radioactive, oil and fat free .
5)   Cooks Perfectly: foods sear quickly on outside and sealing juices in the inside.
6)   Cooks fast: cooks 2~3 times faster than standard oven - saving up to 60% energy
7)   Tempered glass bowl , heat resistant ,transparent container allows you to clearly see
       what you are cooking from all sides.
8)   Safety and energy-saving micro-switch, lift lid to switch off and put down to switch on.
9)   Amazing automatic self-cleaning
11) ABS plastic lid
14) Digital controller - more accurate and friendly - can set start time and cooking program for
       later time
15) Complete with with racks, accessories and manual
16) 1 year carry-in guarantee


· Convection Oven
· Power: 1300W
· Capacity: 12L ( with extender ring included - 17L)
· Temperature range 75-250C
· Halogen heater 90C


· Toaster
· Roaster
· Barbecues
· Smoking Shed
· Oven and Microwave oven
· Convection oven
· Deep Fryer
· Grill
· Steam Cooker


· Low & Dual Racks
· Tongs
· Roast and Bread Racks
· Steamer
· Skewers
· Rice Cooker
· Automatic switch off when Lid is opened up

The heat generated by the halogen lamp is safe infrared radiation that also cooks the meal from the inside - for more information on the process click HERE.
Mineral Water Pot
Single Stage Filter System
Double Stage Filter System
Tripple Stage Filter System


Stage 1: Sediment Filtration

Functions: Removing sand, rust, mud, sediment, etc. in water.
Stage 2: Granular Active Carbon Filtration
Functions: Removing germ, virus, corpuscle, other solids and chemical from tap water processing.
Stage 3: Block Active Carbon Filtration
Function: Completely remove bad smell in water
Stage 4: Ultra Filtration
Function: Removes bacteria
Stage 5: Post Filter
Function: Removes odour and smells


We have a range of other affordable water purification products to ensure your health.  Please click on the bottom pictures for pricing and further details:
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here           products
Affordable Health


We have a range of other affordable water purification products to ensure your health:

New Cooktech Halogen Oven

5-stage Ultra Filtration inline filter system:


As an alternative, I also sell a standard Puritech system for about R2 500 less than my competitors.  This system also purifies water to 0.0001 microns and is a 5-stage Reverse Osmosis water purification system. The reason for this is that our landing costs are lower as we import larger volumes at a time.  There is no difference between our standard Puritech system and other reverse osmosis systems on offer - yes, ours also have the double "O" rings!  A booster pump is required if your water pressure is less than 2,5 BAR.

New Cooktech Halogen Oven
New Cooktech Halogen Oven
New Cooktech Halogen Oven
New Cooktech Halogen Oven
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