Risk Management

Assistance with risk prevention strategies pertaining to physical risk, vetting new or existing employees, fraud prevention strategies.

Bruce has the fraud, investigative and insurance claims background gathered over more than 25 years to provide your company with practical advice and assistance to minimize losses.

We can assist with the following risk management functions:
Fraud prevention
Stock thefts and/or losses prevention
System analysis as well as analysis of all policies and procedures pertaining to recording assets, stock, sales, payment of creditors and payments received from debtors as well as the proper collection of outstanding debt
Email and internet policies as well as disclaimers and ensuring that your business has adequate cyber security measures in place
Checking physical security measures in place to safeguard assets, stock and employees as well as customers including the required notice of legal disclaimers for loss and/or injury
Employee vetting and ensuring a proper segregation of duties  
Ensuring that employees do not compete with the company, safeguard company information and trademarks as well as trade secrets
Checking employee details in relation to company payments to ensure only authorized payments are effected
Freesure short term insurance
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