Overhead Reduction 

Here we do a detailed review of your business overheads and costs on our no savings, no charge basis to ensure complete peace of mind.   We further assist you to implement the agreed upon cost saving strategy and then we only charge you 20% of the actual monthly amount saved for a year, whilst we continue to monitor and with your agreement propose further savings.  This would allow both of us to benefit even from long term changes.  We can then further continue our monitoring service at 10% of the amount saved for a further year or term as required. 

If you take up any of our Annual Retainer Packages in line with your monthly savings, we will only charge 10% of the actual amount of the monthly savings we have negotiated for 1 (one) year, whilst we continue to monitor and ensure the savings are maintained and if a further term of monitoring is required and agreed upon, it will remain at 10% of the actual monthly savings.

Our service is provided in the following 5 steps:

1. Initial information gathering session:  We gather all the information required to conduct the project. This takes about 1-2 days depending on the size of your business. It is not necessary for our clients to assign staff to this as we provide all the resources required, however there will be interviews and interactions with key staff on a reasonable basis and at times they can be made available.

2. Analysis & Savings Identification: This is the main portion of the project whereby we identify and quantify your monthly cost and overhead savings.

3. Final Report: This contains all the information in relation to the now identified savings in your business. It includes where the savings come from, how to achieve them, calculation of the savings etc.

4. Implementation: We do not just give you a Report - we also ensure that the recommendations for savings are actually agreed upon and implemented (this is required, as we can only invoice on agreed and implemented saving that have been actually achieved).

5. Ongoing Monitoring: If required we can monitor the savings for as long as is required at 10% of the actual amount saved to guarantee that you continue to get the savings as outlined in the Final Report.

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