Legal Services

We can assist with all business related legal matters such as contracts, legal advice that is not part of an existing legal litigation. We can also assist as brief to council but cannot give advice on any legal litigation in process nor can we appear in court or draft litigation related documentation except for giving pre-council advise, to ensure that the correct legal council is appointed and to assist the legal council appointed.  We can draft Letters of Demand, Notice to Defend etc, but not the actual plea as this is part of the litigation process.  We further assist with labour related matters such as to prosecute or preside over disciplinary hearings. 

Bruce has a 4-year B.Proc legal degree, was the Group Legal Advisor for a group of companies for a year and the Legal & Outsource Manager and also managed a Legal Hotline for more than a year.

We offer amongst other the following legal services:

Drafting of contracts such as service contracts, employee contracts, lease agreements, sale of shares, exclusive distribution agreements etc.
Overview of and advice on business contracts prior to signing
Assistance and advice pertaining to labour related matters, such as disciplinary hearings, warning letters, letters of dismissal, prosecuting disciplinary matters, arranging of a presiding officer
All matters not part of a legal proceeding already (except as assistance or brief to council) such as letters of notice to defend, letters of demand, advice and obtaining and briefing the appropriate council
Assistance with erecting discretionary trusts to safeguard business and director or owner’s assets (we are in association with professionals to do this correctly and at very preferential rates)
Drafting of wills as well as estate and succession planning through our professional associates at highly discounted rates
Freesure short term insurance
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